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Tips to keep your Watch ticking

WIND YOUR WATCH DAILY Watches should not be left idle for long periods of time. If the watch is left unused and unwound, the gears will start to stiffen and the watch will not work as efficiently. You want the oils in the movement to keep lubricating it. You can also use a Watch-winder. Stop once you feel resistence as overwinding can damage movements. STORING YOUR WATCH When not being worn, your watch should be stored in a quality box away from damp and extreme temperatures. The watch's original box is an ideal storage place. AVOID MAGNETIC FIELDS We are exposed to magnetic fields every day when we use computer screens and other electronic devices. Strong magnetic fields can magnetize your watch and cause deviations from the correct time. Therefore, you should remove your watch during x-rays, while going through airport security, etc., and avoid placing it on speakers or other similar devices.

How can I keep my Watch clean?

Give your watch a gentle clean every now and again using a cotton bud and warm water to remove dirt around the case and bracelet. Moisture can affect the appearence of a Leather strap, so make sure that it does not come into contact with water, perfume, grease etc. You can also take into any jeweller who will be able to give it a 'Polish' to remove any fine scratches on the metal strap.

Getting my Watch serviced

A watch contains on average around 150 parts, some of which experience high forces on a continuous basis. As its a working machine, it needs servicing regularly to maintain its function, appearance and value. This is especially important if it’s automatic watch. How often it needs to be done varies from brand to brand but to keep the performance of your watch at its best, it is recommended that you service the watch every three to five years. If you’re unsure about when your watch needs servicing, please refer to the documentation provided with the watch. Or you can speak to one of our watch specialists and book an appointment today. Every watch service, repair and refurbishment by our in-house skilled Watch Maker is followed by testing for accuracy, efficiency and water resistance, ensuring that each watch falls within the manufacturer’s specified tolerance before being returned to its owner.

Do you offer Watch Repairs?

Yes, we have our very own skilled Watchmakers who will do everything they can to help you restore yours. Just take it down to our Showroom where a member of our team will give you an estimate for the cost of repair. In some cases, we may recommend returning it to the manufacturer for repair. We’ll be able to give you progress updates and will let you know when it’s ready to be collected.



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